Family Self-Sufficiency

Did you know that, as a participant of the FSS program, your family can earn extra money while you work?

If you are:

  1. Currently receiving housing assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher Program;
  2. Willing to work toward full time employment;
  3. Committed to achieving a better way of life for you and your family; and,
  4. Willing to work with a counselor to identify what you and your family need to make life better.

You may qualify.

You will work with the FSS Coordinator to outline goals for you and your family and then sign a contract for a five-year period (which can be extended if necessary) to complete these goals. Two goals automatically stipulated in the contract: you must be free from cash welfare assistance for twelve consecutive months prior to the contract expiration date, and, be employed full-time by the contract expiration date.

The earning of extra money starts when there is an increase in earned income, after the effective date of the FSS contract. An interest-bearing account is set up and maintained by the Housing Authority and escrow credits based on the increase are credited to the account by HAMC. This continues, as long as there is earned income into the household. The Housing Authority may make a portion of the escrow account monies available to the family during the term of the contract to enable the family to complete an interim goal, such as education.

Upon successful completion of the contract of participation, the family will receive the monies in the escrow account.