Home Ownership Counseling

The Counseling Program is the first step in reaching the "American Dream" of becoming a homeowner. During this stage, the counselor reviews the applicant's credit report and prequalifications. Depending on the five C's of credit, you may be required to complete long-term counseling. All applicants must complete home buyer education prior to approval of any loan product offered by the Housing Authority of Mingo County.

What are the 5 C's of credit?

Credit - what does your credit report say?
Capacity - Can you afford to pay a mortgage?
Capitol - Do you have any funds for down payment?
Collateral - Does the house you want appraise for enough?
Character - Do you have the integrity to succeed?

If you cannot yet answer yes to these items, we can still help become homeownership ready.

If you can say yes to these items, you can proceed to our one-day, eight-hour class that will give you the basics on becoming a homeowner and how to prepare to make the most affordable choices.

All programs offered by HAMC require completion of Home Buyer Education. Fast track classes are offered. These classes are free, but require appointment to attend.

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